7 Apr

Save Money and Energy by Switching to LED Bulbs

Save Money & Energy by Switching to LED Bulbs Did you know about 30% of your electricity bill is your lighting? Wasting energy and money is not of the wisest thing to do plus it’s really, really
18 Mar

Why Should You Consider a Tankless Propane Water Heater?

You probably didn’t know that your hot water heater is among the top energy-hungry appliances in your home. Conventional water heaters use a lot of energy to keep your water hot when you are not using it, wasting
3 Mar

The Top electric Cars That Are Making Headlines This Year

One of the greatest innovations that is finally getting some good coverage and is being appreciated by people is the introduction of electric cars or their hybrid counterparts. keeping the current environmental scenario in mind, it is
28 Jan

Protecting Your Garden from Storms

After the St. Jude storm cut swathes through southern England and Western Europe in late October, we let out a collective sigh of relief, only to be faced with storm after storm after storm over the Christmas
22 Dec

Debunking 6 Common Recycling Myths

You have probably heard that recycling is too difficult, costs money, and that the items are just dumped in the trash anyway. It can be difficult to discern the true facts about recycling from the myths about
20 Dec

Inspiring Ways to Decorate your Roof Top Terraces

I have seen many people who prefer the designing of entire interior from kitchen to bathroom and then gardens. But they left their terraces and do not put single effort to design the area where you can
17 Dec

Use of Moon Bridge in Modern Architecture

Many civilizations in the history have faded away without any trace. Few of the civilization that has survived are proof that they attained some remarkable tasks to stay alive in minds of historians and average human being
7 Dec

Teaching Kids: Ways to Save Energy for Kids

Teaching your kids to save energy begins with saving energy yourself. It’s hard for kids to remember to do things and even harder to get them to do things that you don’t do yourself. Turning off the
4 Dec

Four Ways To Put Your Business On The Path To A Paperless Office

Operating a paperless office can have several advantages for any growing company. In some instances, electronic data storage is mandated by law, so a paperless office becomes a necessity. But a paperless office can also save you
18 Nov

5 Creative Ideas for Creating More Space in a Small Apartment

Many people have opted to downsize to smaller apartments due to economics, a move to a new city, or to streamline their lives. However, living in a small apartment such as a studio or one-bedroom sometimes means
30 Oct

Go Green With Eco Cars

Many people consider their cars an important part of their daily lives. Unfortunately, cars are one of the major polluters of the natural environment. Numerous strategies and developments have been brought forth with an aim of ensuring
29 Oct

Spending a Fortune on Your Electric Bill? Three Ways to Lower the Cost

One of the best ways to get the most out of your money is to not waste your money on unnecessary expenses. While some amount of electricity is needed for normal day-to-day life, most people pay for
23 Oct

Recycling Food to Winter Birds

Every winter, when the trees are stripped of their leaves, the fruit has either been picked or rotted away and the ground has frozen rock solid, our birds need help. Our help! They are fighting for their
18 Oct

5 Easy Changes for the Best Highway MPG

Gas prices continue to climb, and a motorist looking to cut costs can do so when they get better gas mileage. However, most people cannot simply run out and buy a new car just to save a
11 Oct

5 Things You Didn’t Know That Can Be Recycled

Many people want to help our environment by recycling. However not everyone knows that other things beside paper, plastic and glass can be recycled. You might be interested in knowing the following can be put back to
9 Oct

7 Green Grooming Tips For The Progressive Man

Going green means engaging in a complete lifestyle change. Beyond merely taking out the recycling, do your part by for the planet by cleaning up your act entirely. This effort includes when you get cleaned up in
19 Sep

6 Reasons Why Keeping Your Car in Shape is Good for the Environment

Keeping your car in good shape is important because it ensures your own safety as well as the longevity of your vehicle. There is another good reason to make sure your car is well-maintained, however—keeping a car
13 Sep

Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers: Which Is More Green?

An ongoing debate of modern life is, which is better, paper towels or hand dryers? Some people prefer paper towels, and others prefer hand dryers. But we all want to help the planet. So a better question
6 Sep

Best Tips To Effectively Plan A Modern Yard For Your Home

It is a confusing scenario that what sort of landscape should be used with a modern home. It does not always have to be concrete with some well-placed bamboo trees. When you think about modern landscapes, you
23 Jul

The 5 Best Green Gadgets You Didn’t Know About

Green technology isn’t just about recycling your organic trash, using solar panels and making sure your car model gives you excellent mileage per gallon; there are also numerous other, sometimes quirky and offbeat ways to shrink your
9 Jul

Essentials For A Gorgeous Garden

Gardening is not a simple task, it requires effort and it’s quite time consuming but nevertheless the results are very rewarding. Everyone main goal is to create an intimate and serene space where they can easily relax
5 Jul

Growing Your Garden: Five Green-Friendly Musts for a Green Thumb

Are you looking to grow a garden? If so, gardening is one of the most rewarding hobbies out there. Gardens can help save you money, and they provide you and your family with healthy meals. Although gardening
4 Jul

6 Unique and Unusual Ways Construction Companies Are Going Green

Green construction policies are a deeply welcome trend that’s slowly and steadily taking over the vast, multibillion dollar construction industry, one of the industries that most needs to maintain sustainable materials and energy use policies. Through a
4 Jul

Solar Energy: Three Ways it is Becoming More Efficient

With a nearly infinite amount of energy available for harnessing from the sun, improvements in the efficiency of solar power technologies have rapidly been making solar power a cost-effective source of renewable energy. Three of the major
2 Jul

George Westinghouse, Jr. – A Summary

In the late 1800s, there were many names that contributed to how we currently utilize electricity. George Westinghouse, Jr. was one of those predominant names whose inventions have led to advancements many of us take advantage of
17 Jun

Five Best Trees for Your Yard

Trees are an important consideration in any landscaping project. They can give shade, bear edible fruit, serve as wind breaks and provide beauty. However, trees can also be a nuisance. Some of them are messy, smell bad,
17 Jun

Top Ways To Get A Eco Friendly Home

Being environmentally friendly is not just the reserve of the hippies and sandal wearers these days. In fact, being green is highly chic and a lifestyle that many of the trendiest homes and people aspire to. If
4 Jun

5 Activities For Seniors To Enjoy The Outdoors This Summer

Activities abound for seniors who want to ditch the house  in favor of outdoor activities this summer. Seniors can enjoy rays of sunshine and the summer breeze while exploring hobbies, sports or fitness activities. Here are some
30 May

Top 5 Green Practices You Can Adopt as a New Parent

With a new baby comes a lot of new stuff. From the diapers to the clothes they outgrow every two weeks to the toys that multiply exponentially, babies contribute to a lot of new consumption. Not only
20 May

Top Nine Green Home Cleaning Tricks

Doing things the green way is no longer a trend, it’s a lifestyle. From the food we eat, to the car we drive, to the way we clean our homes, everything we do these days has the
15 May

Benefits of Solar Tubes

Thanks to the innumerable programs that are taken up year for creating awareness among the masses to reduce the use of fossil fuels, many people are now thinking about using alternate sources of energy for their daily
1 May

How to build your Green Office

How to build your Green Office? This question comes in everyone’s mind when building your green office, Consumers are increasingly demanding eco friendly practices from businesses. How can your company make your office building more green and
28 Apr

How to Keep Your Home Warm In Winter

Want to Keep Your home warm in winter? I will share some tips by which you can perfectly warm your home. Cover your air conditioner Cold air can enter through window unit in your home.You must cover
27 Apr

What To Do With All Those Collectibles In Your Home

If you have a collection of antiques or collectibles within your home that you simply do not have the room for anymore, you may want to consider putting them into a safe storage space for future use.